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27 Best Torrent Sites in December 2022 that Work,Conclusion:

 · Best Torrent Sites For Movie Download 1. X 2. The Pirate Bay 3. YTS 4. RARBG 5. EZTV 6. Kickass Torrents 7. Torrentz2 8. LimeTorrents 9. Glo Torrents Torlock  · Top 10 Movie Torrent Sites The Pirate Bay is – Most trustworthy movie torrent site. RARBG – One of the most secure movie torrenting sites. X – Best for popular movies.  · Top 10 Torrent Sites of YTS The Pirate Bay x RARBG NYAA EZTV FitGirl Repacks LimeTorrents TorrentGalaxy Torrentdownloads 1. blogger.com blogger.com is the  · 5. blogger.com blogger.com is a popular resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA. While there is fierce competition from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal continues ... read more

Read along to find the complete list of 27 top torrent websites. First of all, please do not download copyright-protected materials online. We discourage any such action. Secondly, even the most reputable torrent clients and sites come with some inherent dangers. Both accessing and downloading torrents involve internet privacy and security risks. Government fines and copyright infringement notifications are among the top ones. Others include viruses, ads, viruses, and malware. Since you have reached this article, we anticipate that you would have been used to safe torrenting. Home » Security » Torrents » 27 Best Torrent Sites in December that Work. Sneak peek at using safe torrent sites. Because they are also a threat to users and enterprise security and integrity. Secondly, they also violate copyright. Best torrent websites — Quick list Are you in a hurry to get straight to the top torrent sites that work even in ? The Pirate Bay — The ultimate Torrenting King.

Has a huge database of free software and entertainment stuff like movies, shows, and games. However, frequently gets blocked by authorities. x — The best all-in-one platform. A user-friendly interface makes finding the desired torrent file easy. Features lots of content belonging to different categories with direct and magnet links. RARBG — Verified new P2P uploads. A popular website garnering colossal traffic due to its content diversity. Features lots of download links for torrent files. However, faces a ban often due to copyright infringement. There are a lot of phishing scams going around with RARBG-looking sites, so make sure you learn about secure browsing. Website : X website. Some people also use it to look for game torrents. However, from our research, it looks like RARBG and The Pirate Bay have more torrents in that category, especially older titles. A few years ago, X was a bad choice for torrenting since it was clunky to navigate and it posed a lot of security risks.

Since then, it went through a complete site revamp , making it seamless to browse and a lot safer. For shows and movies, you also have improved browsing functionalities, like searching by award nomination. The creators only make money through Bitcoin donations from what we can see. Mirrors : x. st active since Oct. ws active since Dec. eu active since Mar. se active since May. Website : Torrentz2 website. You can basically view it as Google for torrents. Unfortunately, it was shut down in due to numerous legal issues. Its clone was established the very same year and it still works today. It follows in the footsteps of the original platform and saves you a ton of time sifting through multiple P2P sites. It gets million hits each month and indexes all types of content you can imagine.

Although not a torrent site, per se, Torrentz2 is a great quality-of-life addition to the modern P2P experience. Website : YTS website. This uncrowned successor to the YIFY group is, by all accounts, the second most popular torrent site after The Pirate Bay. The site specializes in torrents with HD quality and small size, optimizing for any device or bandwidth. Second, ad intrusion is minimal, and the interface is beautiful. Lastly, classics are readily available on the platform. PS : YTS has been hit with numerous lawsuits in the past, resulting in handing over user info to various organizations.

Website : EZTV website. If you want high-definition episodes of your favorite shows, EZTV is one of the best torrent sites to check out. We searched for older titles like Two and a Half Men, and found that and many other older TV shows. We even tried going for more obscure titles, like the British show Midsomer Murders. EZTV has a large variety of torrents for the new releases for almost all series, and finding older episodes is incredibly easy. Website : LimeTorrents website. LimeTorrents is one of the best torrent sites for new releases. It has been around since and its library can even give The Pirate Bay a run for its money. Mirrors : limetorrents.

asia, limetorrents. zone, limetorrents. co, limetor. com, limetor. Website : Torrends website. Attention : Recently, this website seems to be down quite often. Like Torrentz2, Torrends just tracks all torrents from popular sites like The Pirate Bay, x, and RARBG. to pulls data from. However, we do want to praise its seamless design and minimal ad intrusion. Mirrors : None. This website used to be called torrents. io, but the domain changed. Website : Torrentdownloads website. Attention : This website attempts to open an additional browser tab with advertisements. Not harmful, but annoying. However, it is a good option for more obscure titles in all categories. Asian titles specifically seem to take a big part of their servers.

Website : IPTorrents website. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for many, private torrenting sites generally have significantly higher streaming speeds than public ones, because members have seeding quotas they need to comply with. Website : Bibliotik website. Last but not least, Bibliotik is the largest private torrenting site for downloading ebooks. TorLock might not look as impressive as other major platforms on this list, but it does have a couple of things going for it. It was launched in and has been operating since without any major disturbances. Its library is relatively small compared to giants like The Pirate Bay and RARBG and it mainly focuses on movies, TV shows, ebooks, music, and anime. Its torrents are well-seeded, though, and there are some hard-to-find titles in there. The site is currently banned only in Australia, India, and the UK. Namely, the team behind it offers monetary rewards to all users who spot and report malicious uploaders. This shows great commitment to user safety and gets a huge thumbs-up from us.

This is the average speed for downloading torrents from a certain site. However, you should only view this as a ballpark reference. Your speed can vary a lot based on the quality of torrent files and your internet connection. In all fairness, this number is pretty even across torrent sites. Most sites have their own uploaders, yes. So download speed will vary for new content. But all sites also scrape their competitors for trackers every day. The traffic of a torrent site tells us a lot about its popularity. Several excellent movie torrent sites have been over the years, from which users can freely download movies , TV series , music , games , and other media. However, many torrenting sites failed to endure the test of time, as they were prohibited by governments and ISPs who actively monitored the internet. In addition, hundreds of free torrent sites have been closed due to police being overly strict with the law.

For those who miss the convenience of P2P torrenting, there are still a few Best Torrent Sites available. Here are the best movie torrent sites functioning perfectly in Our staff has tested the following sites and found them to be the best free Torrent sites for movies with many active seeders and peers. Created in , X is a P2P peer-to-peer file-sharing platform that provides access to millions of magnet links and torrent files. In other words, when Kickass Torrents was taken down, the site reached its peak popularity. Films from both the mainstream and the independent scene are readily available on X.

The Pirate Bay has the largest collection of online content available. Millions of torrents across many genres are available for download. The Pirate Bay takes user security seriously. With over 75 million users worldwide, YTS also known as YIFY is undoubtedly the best torrent service for top-notch films. There are around 30, titles to choose from, many of which are subtitled and presented in full p glory. It works great with any level of bandwidth because the files are compact without sacrificing quality. Like Netflix, the UI is clean and easy to use. The results for the film Carnival of Souls included a technical breakdown, plot summary, IMDb rating, and suggestions for related films and images.

However, multiple copyright infringement cases have recently been filed against the site, causing alarm. RARBG is a massive torrent index that provides several download options for any media piece. Since its inception in , it has attracted an average of 40,, monthly users. It has a sizable enough library, and since it is frequently updated, there is a good chance you will discover some fresh torrents to download. As with The Pirate Bay, RARBG provides fast download times.

Regardless of the many online movie viewing sites, downloading a Blu-ray movie may be more suitable for you. These are some of the best movie torrent sites that you can use to download the latest released movies. What's the latest movie that you want to watch? Why not consider any of these movie torrent sites to download them? Not only are they popular, but also safe. However, it will still be wiser to use a VPN to download the movie torrents and use the right torrent client. Using this movie torrent site will expose you to a large database of movies or TV shows that you can watch during your free time. You will always have a way to relax your mind after a long day at school or work. Pirate Bay is one of the most established movie torrent sites of all time.

It allows you to download different torrents for movies, TV shows, games, music, and other media. It gets up to 60 million visitors in a month. What makes you not be among the vast users? It is estimated that Pirate Bay has millions of torrent files. Therefore, be assured of quality and quantity under one platform. The easy-to-navigate interface makes it easy to search for any movie. Unfortunately, Pirate Bay features a few ads on the site. Therefore, to be on the safe side you can use a VPN. Moreover, if the site is banned in your region, consider using a VPN to access it. RARGB was founded in and has grown to be one of the most popular movie torrent sites. Due to the vast number of moderators and communities on the platform, it verifies each torrent that gets uploaded to remove all the bad ones.

RARGB also allows you to filter torrents based on size, added date, and the number of seeders. Additionally, the site showcases the top ten rankings in each of the categories. Ideally, the site gets over 40 million visitors monthly. Just like Pirate Bay, if RARGB is banned in your region consider using a VPN. It gets approximately Not only does it offer movie torrents, but also TV shows, games, music, software, anime, adult content, and much more. It has an easy-to-navigate interface to make it easier to choose an ideal movie. You can decide whether to register on the platform or not — registered users tend to get more advantages than guests.

Luckily, it features very few ads to ensure your safety and privacy. The platform only gains money through Bitcoin donations. You can opt to use a VPN if the site or its mirror sites are banned in your country. Since its founding in , it has grown to provide users with the best magnet links and torrent files for easy file sharing and downloads. This is a site that you can trust! What are you planning to watch next? Then you can consider using YTS to download the next movie on your list. It allows you to download the movie torrent files in small sizes without sizesromising the quality. You can search for movies that meet your taste based on the various filters. YTS was founded in and has grown over time. Luckily, when you click on a preferred movie, it shows the technical specifications, synopsis, ratings, and other film pictures. Unlike the other best movie torrent sites that offer the capability to download music, games, software, and other media.

You can only download movies from this platform. Torrentz2 is well known for downloading music torrents. However, it also offers some of the most popular movie torrents. Torrentz2 was founded in and has grown to be among the most preferred torrent sites in the world. The platform uses your search query to index torrents from over 90 torrent download sites. Additionally, it gives you access to a vast music library with great genres. The only drawback is that the site lacks filtering options, therefore, you can take a while before getting your preferred movies. It gets around 10 million users each month. If you love downloading movie torrents, you must have heard of the Kickass torrents site.

You can use the site to download anime, movies, music, TV shows, games, and software. All the kinds of media that you need. The site was created in and has grown to be popular among many users. However, it is among the oldest torrent sites that have had much backlash from authorities. You can use a VPN to be on the safe side while using the platform. Like most popular movie torrent sites, it gets over 6. You can decide to sign up for the platform to get unlimited content access or just browse as a guest. Regardless of when a movie was released, you can get it from the platform. So, what are you waiting for? EZTV is one of the best torrent sites for TV shows. It was founded in and has grown to be the best.

If you love series and TV shows, then this platform is definitely for you. Just like Kickass Torrents which offers some of the most recent and old movie shows, EVTV has a wide variety of new and old TV shows. Unfortunately, the ads that appear can also be annoying. However, for your safety, consider using a VPN. The platform is also time-consuming since you will need to download an episode at a time. However, it is worth the wait. The website also gets around 20 million visitors per month. Most of the torrent sites are available in p or 4K high quality.

Additionally, it has a news category to keep up to date with updates. Torlock is one of the safest torrent movie sites. It was founded in and has grown over time. Even before you access the website, you must confirm that you are not a robot. This is to ensure the safety of all its users. Not only can you download movies on the platform but also eBooks, anime, music, and other media. Just have a checklist of movies you would want to watch and download the torrent files from the site. All its torrents are verified therefore, fewer chances of insecurity while on the site.

Its interface is also intuitive and clean to make it easier to search for any movie. Limetorrents has one of the cleanest interfaces. If you love seeing the most recent movies before everyone else, then Limetorrents should be your ideal platform. Many people love using the site because of the available file size and frequency. Therefore, you can sort the torrent by date added, size, and seeders. Additionally, when you click a movie torrent, you go to another information page. Limetorrents is ideal for old and recent movie torrents. Additionally, the platform gets over 10 million users each month. This will always be your go-to platform. GloTorrents is well known for downloading games. Additionally, you can still use it to download the most ideal movies, eBooks, tutorials, TV shows, series, software, and other media.

Its clean interface makes it easier to search and locate movie torrents. Additionally, the platform gets approximately 1. You can also filter the movie torrents in over 14 different languages. The platform also allows you to request torrents that aren't on the site already. Demonoid was established in and has grown to feature a wide variety of media files. The platform has over 10 million users and 1 million torrents. You can get different media files such as movies, TV shows, music, games, and much more.

In the past, you first needed to create an account or get an invitation link to use the site. You can download the movie torrent files as a guest. It also features a VPN that you can use to ensure your IP address is hidden when downloading the files. If you are a Japanese speaker, then the Nyaa platform is for you. Luckily, it allows you to translate the website to English or your preferred language.

10 Best Movie Torrent Sites to Download Movies (December 2022),The 12 Best Torrent Sites in 2022 at a Glance

 · Top 10 Movie Torrent Sites The Pirate Bay is – Most trustworthy movie torrent site. RARBG – One of the most secure movie torrenting sites. X – Best for popular movies.  · 5. blogger.com blogger.com is a popular resurrection of the anime torrent site NYAA. While there is fierce competition from alternative pirate streaming sites, the torrent portal continues  · Best Torrent Sites For Movie Download 1. X 2. The Pirate Bay 3. YTS 4. RARBG 5. EZTV 6. Kickass Torrents 7. Torrentz2 8. LimeTorrents 9. Glo Torrents Torlock  · Top 10 Torrent Sites of YTS The Pirate Bay x RARBG NYAA EZTV FitGirl Repacks LimeTorrents TorrentGalaxy Torrentdownloads 1. blogger.com blogger.com is the ... read more

RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. LimeTorrents user interface is very friendly and well organized. July 7, The Pirate Bay , for instance, has a huge variety of all sorts of content, but a bit of a minimalist interface. Movie Sorting Yes — by genre, popularity, and more.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website, movie torrent download sites. After click on this you will reach to final page which will show you download links. Ads Yes — can be annoying. It works great with any level of bandwidth because the files are compact without sacrificing quality. Its interface is also intuitive and clean to make it easier to search for any movie. However, our recommendation is to manually dive into the movie torrent download sites library instead of filtering its P2P files. Therefore, users who rely on torrents frequently ask about websites that still work and are safe.